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Are you looking for entertainment at its best?  Something really different?  This is your spot in Charlotte. Head into the soundproof Karaoke Lounge and check out The Show at 8.2.0.  This is not your ordinary karaoke show with “Ok, up next is Sara singing Piano Man”… this is a cross between a karaoke show and a full-on variety show.  Our Karaoke Lounge is hosted by Samantha and Melyssa (local CLT actors) that bring the house down.  Don’t be surprised if they make the entire room bust out in a dance party or drag a dozen girls on stage to sing a hysterical song they are totally not ready for. We have a dozen wigs, toy guitars and even sunglasses to add to your big performance…. oh, and a fog machine, of course. There are super talented people who perform nightly and lots of amazing performances from our wildly diverse crowd, so get ready for a night of pure entertainment and laughs.  Oh, don’t forget I mentioned that the room is soundproof, because…

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My name is Melyssa, I’m 24 years old and I am a local actress in the great city of Charlotte. I’ve been in plays, commercials and feature films, but my best gig yet is working at “820”. You have to come see us at “820” because we are far from your average karaoke bar, & it’s a crazy no judgement show. We like people to come and let loose as much as possible as long as you promise us you’ll keep your clothes on…. (don’t ask). The show we bring is a hot mess meaning you never know what you’ll get with us. We are corky, fun and just plain weirdos and I can guarantee you haven't seen anything like us before.
So what are you waiting for ? C’mon already and bring a group of friends, grab a drink or 3 and meet us in the karaoke room.
P.S Please don’t be alarmed, sometimes I like to take my wig off mid show just go with the flow.


Hello Folks! My name is Samantha Peel. I'm a local Charlotte actress and model.  I walked in runways as big as New York Fashion Week and graced the pages of the international publication, Wedding Vows.  I love being a KJ (Karaoke Jockey) at 8.2.0. because it allows my co-hosts and I to show off our talents.  We're a group of local actors and when you put us together it literally becomes a show!  8.2.0. is not the average karaoke bar.  We are your best friends, your cheerleaders, your backup dancers, your backup singers and even your therapists.  We are whatever you need us to be on that stage!  We are sure to give you an experience.. wigs may come off, clothes (even though we don't allow it) and have you ever seen one hundred people swag surf? It's exhilarating! Random facts about me,  I make a mean PB&J and if there was a steak-out van marked free pizza and make-up I would just get in. No questions. Is it really kidnapping if you're voluntarily going? Eh, we'll work out the small details later.
Come see the show at 820!!

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